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At times when we discuss Financial Crime, we lose sight of the fact that there is a real human cost, including Human Trafficking and Modern slavery. Unfortunately, this is all around us, but often just out of sight.

People can become entrapped making our clothes, serving our food, picking our crops, working in factories, or working in houses as cooks, cleaners or nannies. There are also the children and adults being abducted for removal of organs to be sold on the black market.

The total annual revenues of traffickers were estimated in 2014 to be over $150 billion dollars and the International Labour Organization estimates that over 40 million people are in some form of slavery today.

But are we really aware of the red flags and signs that this is happening? How can we do more to help domestic and international efforts to stop these crimes? What more can financial institutions do to identify networks involved in these activities that are operating within their books?

In our webinar, we will address these issues and more supported by our incredibly experienced and esteemed panellists.

  • What is Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery?
  • Where are the signs, and why does it go unnoticed?
  • What typologies should we be looking for to identify these types of crimes?
  • How are efforts at domestic and international levels helping to identify and stop these activities?
  • Whom should we be looking to for further guidance and support in enhancing our risk framework detection capabilities?

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