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Financial crime is constantly evolving- as one threat is countered, another emerges. One such is that of Maritime Risk and Trade Based Money Laundering.

The Maritime Industry, including marine transportation and seaports is a critical part of the economy of individual countries. In the United States, 95% of foreign trade and 25% of domestic trade depends on marine transportation.

Maritime shipping requires vessels to move cargo through a series of handlers and global jurisdictions. The complexity of that process affords criminals the possibility of concealing their identities, altering or disguising shipping information or exploiting administrative disparities between countries, in order to evade sanctions and AML/CFT measures.

In partnership with Windward & Virtual Risk Solutions, this 4 part interactive Masterclass, starting on Monday September 13th and continuing every Wednesday, 7-9pm HKT/ GMT+8, will cover the following:

  • Part 1: What is Trade Finance and Money Laundering?
  • Part 2: TBML and Maritime Sanction Risk
  • Part 3: Exposure to Sanctions- Understanding the Risk in Your Book
  • Part 4: How to Achieve Effective Monitoring and Surveillance

Each part will be fully interactive and led by recognised industry experts consisting of:

  • a. Theory
  • b. Practical Application
  • c. Real Life Case Studies
  • d. Breakout "Workout" Sessions

Enhance your knowledge of trade finance, TBML and maritime sanction risks!