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Part 1: What is Crypto?

- Crypto: Where did it come from, what are the types, why should we use it and how does it work
- Bitcoin: What is it, why was it created, how is it valued and how does it work
- What is Decentralised Finance (DeFi)?
- What are the Regulatory challenges in the future of crypto as a financial instrument
- Part 1: Breakout Session

Part 2: Crypto Regulatory Requirements across the Globe

- What regulation is required?
- Why does Crypto need regulation?
- Where are the risks in non-regulation?
- Does the crypto market threaten financial stability?
- Variations in global approaches to Crypto asset regulation
- What can regulators do to better support regulatory development?
- What do we expect going forward?
- Part 2: Breakout Session

Part 3: Financial Crime Risk Typologies in Crypto

- How does Financial Crime happen in Crypto?
- What are the biggest misconceptions in Crypto and Financial Crime?
- Are Ledgers Secure and Unbreakable – Can they be disrupted?
- Crypto financial crime typologies
- How can Due Diligence and Monitoring help in identifying suspicious activities
- Part 3: Breakout Session – How to move the monies?

Part 4: The Building Blocks of an Effective Crypto Compliance Framework

- Building a crypto compliance framework: Where do we start and what is expected from Compliance?
- What Compliance officer skill sets are needed
- Where are we seeing gaps in crypto firms compliance frameworks?
- What controls do I need to build into in my compliance framework?
- Building a governance framework
- Reporting and Assessments
- The need for technology
- Other non-compliance Risks
- Part 4: Breakout Session - What is your compliance framework missing?

Part 5: Usage and Implementation of Technology for Risk Management

- Evolving challenges and need for automation and technology
- What are the tech solutions
- Part 5: Breakout Session – Using Technology to our advantage