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Part 1: What are Crypto Assets and Asset Types

In this Section we will walk through the fundamentals of how Crypto coins and other crypto assets have been developed and how they are being used, valued including:
- Where did Crypto come from?
- What is Bitcoin?
- Why was Bitcoin created?
- How does Bitcoin work?
- What is a Miner?
- What is a Crypto Wallet?
- How do I buy Crypto?
- What is a Crypto Exchange?
- How is Bitcoin valued?
- What other types of Crypto exist?
- What is Blockchain?
- What is a cryptomixer?
- How do I use Cryptocurrency?
- Is Crypto susceptible to theft?
- What is Decentralised Finance (DeFi)?
- What are the Pros and Cons to usage of Crypto?
- What are the current regulatory/society obstacles to usage and legality?
- Future of Crypto and our financial instruments


Part 2 will look at the types of financial crime risk typologies that we have seen in crypto asset usage including:
- What are the biggest misconceptions in Crypto and Financial Crime?
- Key Enforcement Actions to date
- Crypto financial crime typologies
- Risk exposure by product type
- How does Money Laundering work in Crypto?
- Are Ledgers Secure?
- Overview of Money Laundering in Crypto
- Hacks
- Phishing Emails
- Ransomware
- Sanctions
- Scams
- Stolen Funds and Extortion
- Terrorist Financing in Crypto
- Dark web
- Effective Due Diligence and Monitoring
- Cryptocurrency start-ups that are no longer around
- What is the next step in the Crypto evolution?

Part 3: Crypto Regulatory Requirements across the Globe

This session will walk through the Crypto regulatory requirements we have been seeing evolving across the globe and the appetite for Crypto usage including looking at:
- The Speed of regulatory evolution
- What regulation is required?
- Variations in global approaches to Crypto asset regulation
- What can regulators do to better support regulatory development?
- Why does Crypto need regulation?
- Where are the risks in non-regulation?
- What do we expect going forward?

Part 4: The Building Blocks of an Effective Crypto Compliance Framework and the Usage and Implementation of Technology for Risk Management

Part 4 will be split into two parts. The first half of the session will explore the key components required to build a base point effective compliance risk based framework to support your activities in day to day risk mitigation. This will include:
- Where do we start in building a compliance framework?
- What is expected from Compliance?
- Compliance officer skill sets
- Where are we seeing gaps in crypto firms compliance frameworks?
- What controls do I need to build into in my compliance framework?
- Level of Compliance
- Building a governance framework
- Reporting and Assessments
- The need for technology
- Going Forward: Tech infrastructure build needs to future proof your risks

The second part of the session will cover the key considerations and needs for incorporation of technology into your BAU compliance framework, including:
- Evolving Challenges and need for Automation
- Challenges in Sanctions
- KYC Limitations and Lack of Regulation
- Transaction Monitoring in Crypto
- What Technology can do
- The Technology Solutions