About Us

Mission Statement: To build a community for global risk and compliance officers, and Internal auditors, which recognizes that culture and conduit will only change when mindsets and behaviors change.

We want to identify and innovate on new ways of changing compliance culture by incorporating behavioral science, values and mindset into the review and analysis of evolving risks, regulatory changes and enforcement actions, so we can begin to better equip our members with the skills to identify, modify and change behaviors.

Our aim is also to empower our members with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to deconstruct the traditional risk controls and reinvent it.

In addition we provide access to holistic training experiences, which empower the participants with the ability to apply concepts and techniques to day to day issues so training doesn't stop when they "leave the room", allowing new problem solving and risk management methods and techniques to be created. All training are developed and delivered by our core team of experts and practitioners, who share the above core values and translate them into training's for our clients.